Pooshie & The Jooge Pet Services offers affordable, thorough and caring pet services for you and your pets from an experienced service provider.

  • Dog walking – We specialize in safe, fun pack walks that match your dog’s energy with complementary pack members so everyone has a great time in a safe environment. We do special pack walks for seniors who go at their own pace. We can also do a few individual walks with your dog with the intention of getting your dog accustomed to a pack environment.
  • Pet Sitting – We can stay at your home in Okotoks, or do multiple check-ins per day to keep your pets happily at home while you’re away on vacation or at work.
  • Poop pick-up – We specialize in the dirty “it got out of control” yard and area clean ups. Can also set up regular scheduled clean ups.
  • Litter box cleaning and delivery of heavy foods, cat litter and other bulky items.
  • Need anything for your pets just ask! Contact us here!  Daily/Weekly/Monthly plans are available, we will work with you. Great with dogs and cats. Canine first aid trained. Flexible, friendly and professional.

Who are Pooshie and The Jooge?



Pooshie (cat) and The Jooge (dog) are our resident four-legged experts. Both rescues, Pooshie and The Jooge are in charge of customer service, treat distribution and, of course, nap scheduling.